An old Maasai with his new eye glasses. 

Eye problems are common because of smoke from cooking fires.

There are two campuses at MCDC.  The original campus at Huruma and the new campus at Dondora.  Classrooms at the original campus are packed full to the brim with kids and desks.  You partners just helped relieve that situation by building a new two-story, 4 classroom building.  Now some of the old classrooms can be enlarged.  What a blessing, thank you partners.

The team, which consisted of many first time visitors to Kenya, met the students and staff at the Dondora Campus in a full school assembly.  Then the team presented the dorm kids with packages of brand new underwear which they had requested last March.  They were all thrilled to get them.

The brand new red classroom building has been built right behind the computer lab.



18 team members from across America got to participate in Maasai bush medical clinics in four different locations.  Three took place in churches and one under a tree.  Around 500 people were treated, 52 gave their hearts to Jesus, and 76 were miraculously healed!  The Lions Club of Millersville, TN donated 50 pounds of used eyeglasses.  Some were prescription, others were bifocals.  The amazing this is, when someone would need a pair of glasses to be able to see, the first pair that our team picked out of the pile was the exact prescription that they needed.  Tell me God isn't in the details!!?

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Thank you partners for touching these many lives for Jesus and as always, all team members pay for all their travel expenses so your dollar goes to the ministry.

 In Him,

 Bob & Ruby Nell Hoke

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Dear Partners,
Years ago Ruby and I were with a ministry team in the Kenya bush sleeping in tents.  About 9:30 pm we heard lions roar not far off.  This was not the first time we had heard lions roar at night.  We've had them 20 ft. outside our tents before.  Later, I thought of:

1 Peter 5:8-9a: "Be of sober spirit, be on the alert.  Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. But resist him firm in your faith. . ."

The Maasai will tell you that many animals freeze in fear when they hear lions roar.  They also say that should they encounter a lion in the bush its imperative to look the lion straight in the eye and stand firm.  Never run in fear.  We're told many lions have thus backed off from attack.  I learned a new lesson about spiritual warfare.

When the devil attacks and roars his lies we should stand firm, look him straight in the eye and go on the offense with the Word, the Blood and the Name.  Satan may roar like a lion but that doesn't make him one.  There's only one "Lion of the tribe of Judah" and His name is Jesus, the Christ, the living Son of the living God!  When we do our part and resist, He does the miraculous.

This is the second floor access to new classrooms upstairs.  Both students and teachers are happy, happy, happy with the new building.  It should be completely finished and furnished by the time you read this newsletter.


JUNE, 2019


In the Jan./Feb. 2019 newsletter we told about the need for 80 new mattresses for all the dorm beds.  The money came in and the new mattresses are on the beds.  Thanks again partners.  

The team visited Namelok Christian Academy school where songs were sung, a bible story presented and a new soccer ball was left behind.  

These nine "Korogocho Refuge" kids who are requesting to be transferred to MCDC high school when they graduate the eighth grade in December.  But first they must qualify for MCDC ninth grade studies.​