Several days later, with 2 teams covering a large area of unreached Maasai, several hundred people had prayed the prayer of salvation, so now they need a church and a pastor to disciple them.  MERCY IN ACTION has funded the construction of scores of new churches like the above.  They only cost $3500 each and have always been a big part of MERCY IN ACTION bush ministry.


Ruby was able to purchase 54 packages of the above for the girls in the dormitory.  It is said that without these products the typical African girl misses about 10 days per month of school.  We don’t want that at MCDC.


We thank God for the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing in Kenya, both in Mathare Valley and in the bush with the Maasai.  You partners make it happen.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

 As always, Ruby and I pay for all our travel expenses so your dollar goes to the ministry.

 In Him,

 Bob & Ruby Nell Hoke

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MERCY IN ACTION gets to participate in a lot of boma bush ministry through “Firewind  Ministries” with Mike and Marigold Cheshier.  Teams go to far off bomas (houses) and villages to preach the gospel that Jesus saves.  The picture on the above right is of a man and his four wives who just prayed and accepted the Lord.  Five new names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!



Eighty brand new bibles were presented to the leaders of the Christian Union (C.U.) club of MCDC.  This is a volunteer group of  serious student believers who meet after school hours to grow in their relationship with the Lord.


Lori Loomis’ team of 9 people plus Ruby and I spent a week at  MCDC and was it ever a time of ministry to the kids and staff.  Included were special assemblies at both campuses (see above).  Teacher appreciation ministry events, entire team sleepover and party night for the 78 dorm boys and girls, daily small group discussions lead by team members and so much more all packed into a few very long days.


Over the years, bibles have also been a big part of MERCY IN ACTION ministry.  On this trip we were able to purchase 3400 bibles with a beautiful cover in Kenya colors.  Bibles are given to staff and students at Maasai schools, both primary and secondary.  All are in English as this is what is now being taught in their schools.


We get to be a part of preaching the word to students of these Maasai schools, then hand out bibles to everyone who can read. 

They don’t waste much time before they get right into them.


There are 78 high risk kids living in MCDC dormitory rooms like the above .  The mattresses and bedding are old and need to be replaced.  The kids never complain because anything is better than what they had living in the slum but, we want to do better.


This is a new, plastic covered mattress (for small bedwetters) that we want to purchase for all 80 beds.  The mattress, 2 sheets,  1 pillow case and one heavy blanket costs $45. 

If you would like to be involved in this  project of $3600 total cost, please designate “dorm bedding” on your checks to MIA and mailed to our office in Missouri.


1113 SW 8th Terrace
Lee's Summit, MO  64081
816-260-9450 (cell)
816-554-8999 (office)


​Dear Partners,

                                                                                        “POWER OF PRAYER”

 Sid Rolf, host of the TV show “Its Supernatural” interviewed a guest recently who testified that the Lord had given her many visions and had even taken her to heaven several times.  On one of these visits to heaven Jesus took her to a room so large there was no end in sight.  The room was full of boxes wrapped like presents and multitudes of angels were quickly picking up a box and then departing.  She noticed however that many angels were just standing around, not moving.  She said she asked Jesus why these angels were not busy like the rest.  He explained to her that each present contained an answer to prayer but could not be delivered until someone on earth prayed and asked for an answer!

Our Heavenly Father is God who answers prayer.  The Word tells us “you have not because you ask not”.  In Mark 11:24 Jesus Himself tells us “whatsoever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them”.  All through scripture we’re told to do our part then God will do what He has promised in His Word.  A responsible action on our part is tied to many of God’s provisions ie:  SEEK and you will find, GIVE and it shall be given unto you, RESIST the devil and he shall flee.

 Our part is always a human, natural part we are capable of doing: pray, ask, go, seek, feed the hungry, spread the gospel, resist the devil, fight the good fight of faith….And, when we step out in obedience to the Word and do our part, God Himself who is always faithful to His Word, will sometimes deliver by way of an angel, the miraculous answer that only He can provide!  Pray, obey and then get out of the way and let God.

 What an awesome privilege and responsibility we have to serve Him through our prayers and to be a part of what He is doing here on earth in these last days.  DON’T KEEP YOUR ANGEL WAITING!