What about training for pastors?

$2,000 will provide housing, food and textbooks for the entire 18 months of Bible college.

What is the cost of a church?


$4,200 will transform a dream into reality.  Would you like to contribute to the purchase of a church? 

Mercy in Action International has helped to buy land and build over 60 churches in Kenya.  

Many MORE churches are needed!  Right now, there are approximately ten new congregations of believers meeting under trees. As schools and unreached areas continue to be evangelized, it is important for the new believers to have a church to attend and a pastor to teach and lead them.

Young men and women are sensing the call of God to pastor, and they are willing to be trained but their personal finances are limited.  Perhaps you'd like to assist with their spiritual preparation?

Maasai Land, Churches and Pastors