It costs about $130 per dormitory student for the initial purchases needed, like a mattress, pillows, blankets, pajamas, storage trunk, 2 uniforms (weekly and weekend), underwear, socks, toiletries, flip-flops and other personal items.  On-going expenses are estimated to be about $65 per month for each student.

MCDC Orphanage

Plans for the new MCDC campus have always included dormitory rooms for the truly orphaned and other "high risk" children.  Before this these MCDC children had to go back at night to wherever they stayed in the Mathare slums.  

In July, 2010 MCDC established the first dormitory room for 18 high risk girls. Then, in 2011 the first dormitory room for "high risk" boys was opened. 


As of July, 2019 there are 5 fully furnished dormitory rooms in which 78

boys and girls now live.  Most of these 43 boys and 35 girls are orphans.  

Some of the kids said they had never slept in a bed or even had a bar of soap!

Dormitory girls and boys both have live-in house parents to which they are responsible.  Mama Jane is continuously needing help to support these dormitory children at $65 per student each month.