​Your sponsorship will provide shoes, school clothing, hot meals plus porridge each school day, and a box lunch on Sunday.  Initial and ongoing medical is provided.  You will help a child receive a Kenyan-approved education in a Christian environment.

Check out other projects like: 

  • Purchasing Bibles for students and new Christ followers.
  • Assisting students born into poverty with university scholarships.
  • Helping to provide church buildings in remote areas.
  • Giving bush pastors vital transportation of bicycles and motorcycles.
  • Making personal hygiene items available for young female students in the slums.
  • And there's so much more...

What others are saying

​​Mathare Valley is a large slum in Nairobi, Kenya with upwards of 500,000 people living in abject poverty.  

A need became a feeding program.  Then a school was born.  

Deep in Kenya's bush, the Gospel is shared both in Maasai schools and remote villages.  Bibles are being distributed, churches are being built, and lives are being changed.

Allow us to introduce ourselves through our latest video...

​In Pakistan

​In Serbia

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"Mercy in Action goes where few dare to go and they love those who few dare to love! They bring hope to not just kids, but an entire community who otherwise have non. Every child at MCDC knows they are loved by God, Bob and Ruby and the whole MIA team. It is a privilege to serve alongside them." --Tracy Ahart

​​​In the Slums


God has given us a command to go preach and love His creation. Everyone has a part.  You can sponsor the children (it is fertile ground). I know. I see it first hand.  You can help the ministry provide for their needs; help pay for someone to go. You, too, go.

Bob and Ruby founded Mercy in Action International because they loved 'the least.' These children, teachers and staff are their family. You care for your family.  They have given people like me opportunities to go to the dark places and let Jesus shine through. I love these people so much I just can't explain. I am honored and grateful to be able to be a part of Mercy in Action."--Michele Cornelius

​​​In the Bush

God loves to grow His church in areas where people were once in bondage to the powers of darkness through atheistic governments. It's an honor to partner with Pastor Shasa and Sara Vijakic in the city of Kraljevo.  

"We are to be God's hands and feet, the salt and light. Jesus said that what we do for the 'least of these,' we have done for Him. God has called us to love and care for the 'least of these.' To God, they are not the 'least.' They are precious and important children of God. 

Food, water, Urdu Bibles, and so much more is needed by the people of rural Pakistan. We are thrilled to partner with Asher & Anita Mehmood and the Way of Freedom International as both practical and spiritual resources are lovingly distributed.

You were introduced to young Jane Njeri in the video above.

Now meet 17-year-old Jane who is in her last year of high school.

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